That opportunity should be offered to every child in Baltimore and Harford Counties.

Education makes or breaks us.

We need to educate our people so they are equipped to be successful in the workplace.

My goal is to provide our children with a great education.

Let’s make Community College accessible to all.

Let’s provide technical training to those who do not choose to go to college.

Let’s make sure there is an emphasis on having people trained to work when they finish high school so we can break the school to prison pipeline.

Let’s offer a contractual program for free Community College where the student will pay for that education through work-study where the student supports teachers and administrators or acts as a tutor to students in Kindergarten through High School.


We must ensure a safe environment for all of our children while they are in school.

I do not think we should force our teachers to carry guns.

You do not take a teacher to a gunfight.

I do not think that arming teachers is in the answer.

We should be looking into safer alternatives like metal detectors and special resource officers to keep our students and teachers safe.



We should be arming our teachers with resources and good pay.

Harford County is losing our best teachers to schools systems in other counties and states.

We should be providing our schools and our teachers with the funding they need.



We honor our military, our police, and our firefighters.

Let’s also make sure we honor our neglected heroes – our teachers.

I would like to see foreign language curriculum introduced starting in kindergarten and grade school.

I think we should fight to reduce class size.

Our Teachers are our heroes. Let’s give the respect and pay they deserve.


I think detention is a wasted opportunity.

Let’s explore alternatives like sending students to the gym to run around the school and to exercise.

Let’s have a dialog.