Opioid Crisis

Harford County has been on the cutting edge of dealing with the Opioid Crisis.

Kudos should be provided to Barry Glassman and Harford County for being on the forefront of this crisis.

With the help of one of his agencies – Joe Ryan and his Department of Drug Control Policy,  I was able to get feedback on my website.

Further, Joe and hist department sent me and my husband  to recovery coach training.

My husband and I started a website to assist people in recovery from Heroin and Opioid addiction.

Our goal is to provide a bridge for people who are leaving clinics and or prison. Once they leave, there is a void of support until they find a recovery coach or a sponsor.

This a free site that is being funded by me and my husband to give back.

The focus is to provide a means to:

  • give their introductions
  • post daily roll call
  • join our chat room to get and give support
  • provide a list of resources to find local clinics and clinics throughout the United States using the SAMSHA site

Instead of adding additional clinics, we are looking to provide an online community to help our county, our state and our nation.

The name of the site is https//Quit The Habit. org