We all moved into our neighborhood with an understanding that our neighborhood had certain rules.

For example, Fallston was meant to stay rural.

But it did not. We are now seeing apartments and townhomes go up in a number of places.

I watched at least one business not follow the rules and built all they wanted because “they were grandfathered in” and because they are a well-heeled Harford County Establishment.

I had a business erect stadium lighting in my backyard and had to spend 60k and three years to get them to subdue their lighting.

I will do all  I can to support local zoning rules and to ensure zoning meetings are held and that all businesses follow the rules.

Let’s take care of our current residents before we take care of new developments and businesses.

I do support managed growth as long as it is done right and no business gets preferential treatment over other businesses.

No developer or business should get an advantage based on the contribution makes to their local candidates.

Is your county official sponsored by a particular dealership?